Alexandre et Olivier Mavit · Languedoc

Hello wine-friend, 

Welcome to an all red Wine Night Stand, if you usually like Gamay, then this might be something for you. 

We will try 5 different red wines from Alexandra and Olivier Mavit, located in Corbiere, Languedoc. Read more about Alexandra and Olivier here.

The first 4 wines are quite light all with nice acidity. The first is a lovely blend of Grenache and Carignan, same for the second, however, with a bit of Syrah to add some depth. The last 3 wines are mono varieties (only one grape variety), a very light Beaujolais style Grenache, one a bit deeper and structural and then lastly a pure Carignan.

Checkout the wines here or below.   

The tasting takes place the 27th of april and costs 250,- pr. person. We start around 18h and end before 20h.

If you can come bring your friends, if you cant come then tell your friends 😉

Let us know if you can come on...
+45 48 48 80 11

Hope to see you there!

Best regards
Simon, Hugo & Marius