Wine Night Stand 24.3.22 · Domaine Thillardon

Hello fellow wine-lovers,

We would the 24th of March like to invite you to a Wine Night Stand with the wines from Domaine Thillardon.

All wines are Gamay from different vineyards in Beaujolais. Come and taste the difference. If you love light and juicy reds, then this is the tasting for you.

The tasting takes place the 24th of March from 17-20. You can book a spot either at 17 or 18:30, it takes around 1,5 to taste the wines.

Bring a wine-friend!

Tickets are 300,- pr. person.

If you would like to join, then let us know on.
+45 48 48 80 11

All the best,
Simon, Arthur & Marius