Wine Night Stand · Saint Cyr

We have long been waiting to do another Wine Night Stand. The time is now! or more specifically Thursday the 26th of August.

We will this time taste 6 lovely light and fresh wines from Raphael all on Gamay. All of the wines are produced organically and fermented naturally.

We will for 200 kr. provide you with a taste of each and a joyful time while doing so.

The tasting takes place Thursday the 26th of August from 17-20. You can book a spot either a 17:00 or 18:30.

Check out the Facebook event here

Let us know if you would like to join and what time, so we can ensure there is plenty of space for everyone. Limited spots

Please MobilePay to 94993 in order to confirm the booking.

Please bring your Corona-pass

Best regards Simon and Marius