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We have exciting Piedmonte wines to suit all tastes. From the juiciest to the darkest and most serious Barbera, embark with us to explore the story of the house of Carrussin.

An organic family story

More than a wine story, Carussin is most importantly a family story. Azienda Agricola Carussin was founded in 1927 in San Marzano Oliveto, a small village in the south of the Monferrato region, in the province of Asti, in the hills between Nizza Monferrato and Canelli.

In 1961 Carlo Ferro married Vanda Ferro, who also descended from a farming family. She joined him in the management of the company with the aim of improving the quality of the products. Their daughter Bruna was born in 1962. As soon as she finished her studies, she dedicated herself, together with her parents, to the art of viticulture and high quality winemaking.  In 1981, Luigi Garberoglio met Bruna Ferro and got attracted by the fascinating work of viticulture, a new addition to the wine family. In 1988, Ferro Carlo left his daughter his precious heritage of experience and wisdom. Today, Luigi Garberoglio and Bruna Ferro share the inherited winegrowing dream with their sons Luca and Matteo. A long and happy wine family history, which is reflected in the quality of the wine. The family now looks after their 12 hectares of vineyards spread over four villages around San Marzano Oliveto in Piedmont.

A low anthropogenic impact
Don't understand the meaning? We neither, until the family explained us what they this concept means to them. For them, a low anthropogenic impact means to defend the integrity of the land and to preserve the individuality of the wine. This implies to move in the opposite direction from the standardisation that chemicals, industrialisation and technology have brought to agriculture. This goal of theirs has been achieved in 1984 were no more chemicals were used on the land. 

Mainly Barbera
The wine that Carussin offers is linked to the the Piedmontese grape variety par excellence, the Barbera. At Vintro, you can get your hands on four versions of their Barbera, from the young juicy wine to be drunk in the sun with friends, to a more prestigious aged wine. So come and find out what is your favorite version of Barbera ;)

But why so many donkeys?
The recurrence of the donkeys on Carussin labels is directly linked to Bruna’s passion and researches about the animals. She is an active member of the national association "l'Asino", that coordinates donkey growers throughout the country. Bruna explains her passion by the fact that the Donkey is a simple animal in its complexity: it never does what it does not understand; it is faithful, respectful and playful, but most of all, it loves to be in company. Accordingly, their Barbera d'Asti "Asinoi" is named after the animal because it suits perfectly well with a snack in company of great friends.

A humanitarian Dolcetto
Sbaraglio is not only a wine, it is also a small contribution to the protection of the biodiversity of the Amazonian forest. The profits from the sales of Sbaraglio go to the Otonga association which is dedicated on buying parts of the forest on the western slopes of the Andes chain to preserve the exceptional characteristics of its biodiversity. This humanitarian project dates back to 2001 when Luca travelled to the Amazon Rainforest. Its colorful label, hand made by children at the farm, changes every year.
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