How about extending the summer with some tasty orange?

Meet Alessandro Vignali, the orange virtuoso

Buongiorno orange wine lovers, 

We know (especially Simon) that this period of the year can be depressing. In order to prolonge the Summer or to make the Autumn less painful, let us introduce you to Allessandro's Vermentino wines. 

From fighting crime to making wine
Alessandro is not what you can commonly call a "born and raised" farmer. Indeed, he served for twenty years as a Carabinieri marshal, investigating the international drug trade. After two decades of fighting crime, Alessandro laid down his weapon and switched to a pair of pruning shears to launch his wine project. And so, La Terra della Luna was born in 2006, at the junction of the hills of Tuscany and Liguria.

But what is so special about Liguria?
You have probably already heard of the region because of Cinque Terre, the famous series of villages on the rugged coastline of the Italian Riviera, where colourful houses and vineyards intermingle. These steep vineyard terraces are the very place where Alessandro grows and produces his wine. Liguria is the second smallest wine-producing region in Italy, where the majority of the wines produced are white and made by small artisanal wineries. Ligurian wines are difficult to obtain, simply because the steep slopes of the Ligurian coast are challenging to manage (some can only be reached by boat), therefore only limited viticulture is possible. Amusingly, viticulture has become crucial to the area, as vines play an important part in preventing soil erosion and landslides.
Although there are dozens of varieties grown in this region, Liguria is generally known for its white wines made from Vermentino, known locally as Pigato because of the spots (pighe) that appear on ripe grapes. This grape produces a wine with a fragrant nose reminiscent of the pine and sea salt aromas of the Ligurian landscape, as well as a nice underlying minerality. 

The least ecological impact as possible
Terra della Luna was built entirely with bio-building materials and, thanks to the photovoltaic system, wants to achieve zero carbon dioxide emissions. These principles are reflected in the winery and its wine: Terra della Luna is committed to not using pesticides, chemical fertilisers and systemic herbicides and to limiting the use of adjuvants and selected yeasts to a minimum, always working with the utmost respect for nature to offer high quality wines.
The grapes grow in the microclimate created in the basin on the border between Tuscany and Liguria. They benefit from both the clayey, mineral-rich soil and the influence of the sea just a few kilometres away.

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Best regards,
Hugo, Simon & Marius