The Kleinknecht family have returned!

Buschur (as they say in alsace), 
We know you have been waiting for this moment the a fair part of the summer (we did too), but all good things come to those who wait and it is time! (almost) 
Some orange, white and red!
"Almost" because we have only received half of our Kleinknecht selection (the "Riesling", "Sylvaner" and "Fleur d'Or" will come soon after). But to make the wait easier, come and get your hands on the new vintage of the famous cuvées such as "Orange is the New White" and "Bulles à Jules", or, "Ce que la nature nous donne" if you feel more like in a Pinot Noir mood.

But will I experience the same as with the previous vintages?
Once again, we have to answer almost. "Orange is the new white" and "Ce que la nature nous donne" are just like before. The Pinot Noir is juicy but intense, fresh and minerals with an earthy finish. "Orange is the new white" is exactly as you remember it, a 3 weeks maceration savoury orange wine with hints of exotic fruits and a nice acidity that keeps the wine really fresh.

What is new and different is the 2021 vintage of the "Bulles à Jules". This year, the Kleinknecht PetNat is not orange, but it is tastier than ever! Composed of 50% Muscat and 50% Sylvaner, this wine is perfectly balanced by the fine citrus and lychee notes of the Muscat and a good acidity with a touch of bitterness from the Sylvaner.

But wait a minute, who is this Kleinknecht?
To reintroduce them briefly, the Domaine Kleinknecht is located in Alsace, in a village named Mittelbergheim. Out of the of 655 inhabitants, 20 of them are winemakers. The family have worked organically since 1999 and Biodynamically since 2012. They made the transition to a "clean" vinification to produce pure and living juices, using indigenous yeasts, while refraining from filtration and the use of SO2 in its vats or, if the situation requires it, in a necessarily homeopathic dose.

For the newcomers, or those who have not already tasted their wines, Kleinknecht is the star of Vintro. The  family makes some of our favorite wines in the shop, at a fairly low price, making it the crowds favorite wine in the shop. Victim of their own success, most of their wines went missing from our shelves this summer, so it is with great joy that we have received several pallets of their tasty natural juices. So come and get yourself some tasty wines if you are in need of your dose of Kleinknecht. ;)

Visit us in our shop on Ravnsborggade or let us ship the wines to you. 

Best regards,
Simon, Marius & Hugo.