Wine Night Stand 10.3.22 · Maudit Flacon

by Marius Arevad Gade
Hi everyone,
It is again time for a Wine Night Stand.
We have just received some interesting wines from Savoie and would like to invite you for a tasting.
We will try 5 different wines by Maudit Flacon. 1 orange on Chasselas and 4 different light style reds on Gamay, Mondeuse and Caremret. One of the reds even has a bit of white. 😮
You will for 250 kr. have a glass of each and we will make your stay as joyful as possible.
The tasting takes place Thursday the 10th of March from 17-20. You can book a spot either a 17:00 or 18:30. Tasting the wines takes around 1 hour.

We hope to see you and your wine-friend(s) Thursday.
Let us know if you can come on...
+45 48 48 80 11
Best regards
Simon, Arthur & Marius