Bonnigal & Bodet Vigneron

France · Loire · Touraine

Bonnigal & Bodet Vignerons is located in Limeray, in the Loire Valley. The winery originated in 1927 and has been family owned since. We in the present time have the pleasure of tastings the wines from the fourth generation Bonnigal, Jean-Baptiste Bonnigal. Jean-Baptiste is making wine with his longtime friend Stéphane Bodet, whom operates the vineyard. 

All (almost) Chenin Blanc
The wines are produced under the appellation of Touraine Amboise, Crémant de Loire and Touraine, of 55 hectares. They believe that most of the work is to be done in the vineyards: tillage, valuing the ecosystem, respecting nature and the environment. We currently have home 4 different Cuvée on Chenin Blanc and one on Pineau d'Aunis.

Natural fermentation 
The work in the cellar is kept to a minimum allowing the terroir and the grapes to express themselves. The ageing tends to be long in oak barrels on the lees.