Chateau Les Croisille

France · South West · Cahors

In 1979 Bernard and Cécile Croisille moved to the countryside surrounding the tiny town of Luzech. He and his wife decided to lease a parcel of land that had been left untouched for years. With much determination and hard work, the couple brought that land back to life.

In 2004 their lease on the land that they’d planted ended and they were faced with the decision to purchase the land or to walk away entirely. Unable and unwilling to say goodbye to the land that they’d come to know and love, but without the financial means to purchase, the couple’s family, friends and even customers donated money to help Bernard and Cécile finally realize their dream.

Bernard and Cécile have since been joined on their venture by their sons and their Son’s childhood friend.

Château Les Croisille’s ambition is to let this reanimated soil and the terroir express themselves in their wines

The old adage ‘wine is made in the vineyard’ is the cornerstone idea of Château Les Croisille’s winemaking philosophy. They implemented Organic viticulture in the vineyard in the mid-2000s and year after year continue to place their methods under careful scrutiny.

In the Cahors region, the grape harvests are traditionally collected using machines. However the Croisille family prefers to harvest the grapes by hand. The grapes are then separated according to their terroir, each undergoing a unique vinification process.

This routine has led the style of wine produced by the Château Les Croisille to change. Today, it creates wines that are fine, lightly extracted and aged in concrete vats as well as large wooden vats and demi-barriques.

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