Domaine Grand Pré
France · Beaujolais · Fleurie

The parents Claude and Christine and their son Romain lives in Beaujolais on the border between Fleurie and Morgon on their 8 hectares, an amazing location that give the possibility for them to produce wines on those two appellation.

The vines are only Gamay and around 60 years old. By working organically without herbicide since 2009 by ploughing the land kindly, the vines get deep in the soil and express the best of the terroir.

It is in 2012 that Romain did his first vinification and put his personality on the wines which resolved in an light Beaujolais, complex and smooth Fleurie and a serious Morgon that can easily age for 10 years. Romain shows the diversity of soil and climate on these two main appellations of the Beaujolais region.

At VINTRO the wine that Romain is well known for is the Fleurie Cuvée Spaciale with a Spaceman on the bottle (see wine below), really specific wine from the vinification of it. The wine is produced by selecting the best grapes and leaving them in a spherical tank in a cold room. This process, without any sulfites, added and the use of natural yeast (already on the grapes) gives the Gamay a smooth and deep expression, quite unique and special - the legendary spaceman is a star.

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