Vigneto Saetti

Italy · Emilia Romagna · Santa Croce

Luciano Saetti owner of Vigneto Saetti is a part of the newer generation of Lambrusco growers vinifying in a more old-fashioned and artisan style.

Luciano’s family planted the vines in 1964. For the first years of the plant’s lives, the fruit was sold off to local cooperation’s. Luciano thought that the old plants and their fruit had more potential and therefore decided to vinify the must himself, especially the strain of Lambrusco grape called Salamino. This grape is characterised by its dark-colour, thick skin and higher acidity than its Lambrusco family members.

The estate is certified organic and the work in both vineyard and cellar is meticulous. There is no use of sulfite, which there have not been since the 2007 vintage. The grapes are hand-harvested to ensure high quality. Luciano makes use of two fermentations (which is rare for Lambrusco), the second fermentation takes place in the bottle, started by the added fresh grape must from the following vintage. The wine is then fermented to there is no residual sugar left, hence their association with dry wines.

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