Wine Night Stand with Pascal Lambert

Dear Vintro friends,

Thank you to all of the people who joined us for the last Wine Night Stand with André Kleinknecht, it was a pleasure. 

We would love to invite you to the next Wine Night Stand the 17th of October from 17-20. You can come by whenever you feel during 3 hours, just keep in mind that it takes approximately 45 minutes to taste all of the wines.  

We will taste 6 lovely wines from Pascal Lambert. Dry Chenon Blanc, oxidativ Chenon Blanc and 4 Cabertnet Franc from his lighter to the more complex cuvées.

Please MobilePay 150 kr. per person to 94993 with your name in order to be treated with a taste of each.

If a wine makes your tastebuds tingle, then you can make use of the 15% discount that you will have on this evening. 

We hope to see you and a winefriend

Simon and Marius

Wine Night Stand with André Kleinknecht

Dear Vintro friends,

We have an idea, a proposal or perhaps an offer for you.

This is an invitation for our first Wine Night Stand.

On Thursday October the 3rd from 17-20 we will share 5 of André Kleinknecht’s naked wines from Alsace: bubbles, orange bubbles, riesling 'on the rocks' and no sulphite pinot noir.

We hope to see you and a winefriend for this informal reception like tasting.

Please MobilePay 100 kr. per person to 94993 with your name in order to be treated with a taste of each.

Your 100 kr. will be credited, if you purchase two bottles to go.

Greetings Simon and Marius


Vintro Changes Owners

Dear friends, family and fellow wine lovers

Excitement and happiness!  describe our mood.!

We purchased Vintro, that we took care of since 2017

Vintro is now our own baby, second home, and whatever that make it unique and lovely. We are thankful to and for your support, and good company! 

We hope (a need) to see you again soon. Our door is open for you and any curious wine friend, or pro, that you think we should meet, or she meet us.

A special thanks Iakob for gibing us this opportunity both by creating Vintro, having such an original vision, and now trusting us to make Vintro even better.

Please stay tuned for next chapter 

See you at Vintro
Simon and Marius