Company Gifts

About Vintro

VINTRO is a Copenhagen based wine important focusing on Grape Diversity and Less Sulphite. We love to discover Europeas hidden or forgotten grapes varieties that you deserve to try.

Winegifts are for us…

  • Wine is more important for the receiver then the sender

  • Custom wine selection

  • Less quantity, more quality

  • Aesthetics are important, but keep it simple

  • A personal message on a postcard completes the gift

What wines do we have?

We have chosen to use recycled gift cartons made of corn glue and 80% recycled cardboard, even eatable ;o). Our Logo shows the possibility for adding an old fashioned ink stamp with your logo, contact us for prices.

We ship to all of Denmark, contact us for prices.

We do prefer to see you in real, so please feel free to drop by our shop on Ravnsborggade 5 so we can choose the wines for your gift.