Beatrice et Pascal Lambert

France · Loire · Chinon

The former rugby player Pascal Lambert sets his own ground rules – should we play?

  1. All grapes are picked by hand.

  2. The grapes are sorted manually. Destemmed berries are poured in a tank by a conveyor belt (no pump is used)
    to avoid crushing and triturating the grapes. 

  3. Fermentation occurs slowly in concrete or wooden vats. Temperatures are strictly controlled. 

  4. No sugar, yeast or chemical products are added during fermentation. 

  5. Maturing and ageing are adapted according to the different terroirs, using concrete vats, wooden truncated vats, or oak barrels. 

  6. No use of sulphites during red wine fermentation. 

  7. Limited use of sulphites during bottling. 

  8. Racking and bottling are carried out according to different lunar phases.

Chinon is an important part of the more than 1000 km long Loire-vally. The area is placed about the middle of the vally between Tours in east and Saumur in west, with its 2300 ha vineyards. The rivers terraces are of grit and the hills that ladder to about a 100m consists of clay with respectively chalk or silex – ideal for terroir wines and Cabernet Franc.

Chinon is probably most known for is red Cebernet Franc-wine, there is however, also done some significant white wines on the grape Chenin Blanc.

The region’s most famous son, the 1500 century writer Rabelais, did a lot to promote the area and he described the white wines as “silklike”. However, today the Parisian gastronomic columnist and the Parisian restaurants seem to be stimulating the demand for these wines, which to a large degree is enjoyed within France’s boarders.

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