2018, Bourgogne Epineuil

2018, Domaine Alain Mathias, Bourgogne Epineuil

2018, Bourgogne Epineuil


Pinot Noir


Red wine





Fresh Pinot Noir from the otherwise Chardonnay dominated area - no oak but still a bit of spice

The vineyards are located in the most northern part of Chablis

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Steel tanks

Total SO2

<50 mg/L


Epineuil (Limestone and Chalky soil, 4,820 hectares of vines)

Vine age

5-55 years


Hand harvested

Bottle size

0,75 L

Domaine Alain Mathias

France · Bourgogne · Chablis

Alain Mathias is born in 1982 and his winery is located in Epineuil, a city close to the famous Chablis appellation in north of Burgundy. Producing and growing 13 hectares of Pinot noir and Chardonnay, the family domain is now managed by Bastien (his son) and Carole (Bastien’s wife). In Chablis, only 10% of the wine is organic and it is in those 10% that you can find Alain Mathias wines. The sulfites used depend of the vintage but is always as low as possible to protect the wine without killing the complexity of the wine.

Bourgogne Epineuil is the appellation used for the red wine, which is significantly less known compared to Chablis - which is the name you use for the white. Alain Mathia’s wines shows the expression of this terroir located in north Burgundy with the two colours, from the Pinot noir and from the Chardonnay.

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