Juicy reds 3.0

Juicy reds 3.0

Juicy reds 3.0

A diverse selection of light and juicy reds

Cerro Encinas, 2019, Andalucia, Bodega Marenas: When we ask José Miguel, he tell us this wine is a rosé, but this Monastrell is tasty and dark enough to be treated as a light red. Good juice, fresh plumy feeling and very low tannins.

Soplar, 2018, Rioja alta, Moraza: On Tempranillo, this wine is the opposite of what we could imagine for a Tempranillo from Rioja. Macerated for a very short time (2-3 days), this process help to extract all the fruit from the grapes, and very little amount of tannins.

Beaujolais rouge, 2020, Beaujolais, Domaine Charnay: Gamay macerated for 8 days, carbonic maceration extraction the best fresh fruits. Beautiful light colour, nose of dark and red berries and juicy refreshing mouth. One is maybe not enough…

Too Mahats, 2019, Rioja, Viñedos Hontza: Another Tempranillo from Rioja, carbonic maceration but with more extraction, here you get a nice and smooth red with the light spices.

Rouze, 2019, Corbières, Domaine Mirouze: Cinsault, this grape is known to make refreshing red, with some floral flavors. Another easy red for the summer to enjoy with (light) or without food.

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