Lauduc me up · 6 Btl.

Lauduc me up · 6 Btl.  (16% off, save 100 kr.)

Lauduc me up · 6 Btl.

Three different wines from our beloved Hervé (Chateau Lauduc)

Invincible red, from Bordeaux, the name of this Merlot result from the fact that not any sulphite is added to the wine to make it fresh and tasty, easy to drink one - two bottles in a row... 

Invincible rosé, same story, but as the sun is shining you might feel the urge for a fresh glass of rosé.

Improbable white, Sauvignon Semillon, from Bordeaux. Arriving at the same time as the asparagus season, perfect for the dish or on its own.

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