Premium juicy reds

Premium juicy reds

Premium juicy reds

A diverse selection of light and juicy reds

Les Blémont, 2019, Beaujolais, Saint-Cyr: This Gamay from Raphael is on the cru area of Chénas, a terroir which gives the wine a cherry and violet nose, with a fresh mouth and smooth tannins.

Trousseau, 2019, Arbois, Domaine de la Renardière: Jean Michel produced a beautiful Trousseau this year, the nose is charming, with floral notes, spices and wild berries. The mouth is just fabulous and vibrant with some light smooth tannins and a long after taste.

Alea Viva, 2018, Lazio, Andréa Occhipinti: On the hill of lake Bolsena, this wine is made of 100% of Aleatico. It is a light wine with fresh plums in the nose and a very easy texture in the mouth.

Tristo rosso, 2019, Umbria, Marco Merli: Forget what you know about Merlot, Marco treats this one with another point of view, extracting the light and fruity part of it. Marco is doing Carbonic maceration, in order to extract all the juice from the grape. The wine has a charming nose with some spicy essences and a digest juicy mouth.

Negoska carbonic, 2019, Goumenissa, Chloé Chatzivaritis: Her idea with this Negoska was to make a very juicy and easy going Negoska but keeping it complexity and spices. And that’s a real success, the wine is juicy and the hint of spice just make it even more pleasant.

Sarrandière, 2018, Loire, Jonathan Maunoury: Located in Saumur, Jonathan extracted produced a very fresh version of Cabernet franc. The DNA of the grape is here, and the 2 weeks maceration help the wine to have a refreshing expression. Definitely the deepest wine of the box, but its good to not put it in.

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