Perego & Perego

Italy · Lombardy

The Oltrepò Pavese area, sitting at the Southern tip of Lombardia next to Emilia Romagna, has been known since ancient Roman times for its wines of astounding expressiveness and depth, and Perego e Perego has been one of the pioneers of working in a 100% natural manner in the vineyard and the cellar, as well as wines that are greatly age-worthy with no addition of SO2.

A healthy soil, mostly made up of clay and limestone, is home to great biodiversity and gives birth to wines that are always alive and joyful and imbued with a deep and energetic spirit. The typical croatina red grape gives us the Bonarda Frizzante petnat, a farmer's wine of great character and rustic drinkability; the #Akkanna ancestrale is an amazing Pinot noir rosè bubble, and the new Riesling orange wine, Amber Demon R., will amaze with and tantalise with their mighty personality.

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