All Pet Nat!

Hello wine-friend, 

We will on the 25th of May have another wine tasting and it will be all Sparkling.

Are you familiar with Pet Nat?
If yes then you have the chance to try 6 different styles and flavours. If not then it is a great chance to get to know this natural wine making method and get ready for the summer.

Pet Nat is short for Petillant Natural which in french means natural bubbles. It is also referred to as the Ancestrale method another way of making bubbles compared to the Classical methode used in Champagne. Come buy an learn more :) 

We will try a rainbow of bubbles, two whites, two orange and two reds so you get the full picture!

The tasting takes place the 25th of May and costs 250,- pr. person. We start around 18h and end before 20h.

If you can come bring your friends, if you cant come then tell your friends 😉

Let us know if you can come on...
+45 48 48 80 11

Hope to see you there!

Best regards
Simon, Hugo & Marius