Liguria is an Italian wine region located in the northwest of Italy, along the Italian Riviera. It is bordered by the Piedmont wine region to the north, the Alps and the French wine region of Provence to the west, the Apennines and the Emilia-Romagna wine region to the east, with a small border shared with Tuscany to the southeast, along the Ligurian Sea.

Liguria has several Denominazione di origine controllata regions, the most notable of which is the Cinque Terre DOC, made from cliffside vineyards among the five fishing villages of Cinque Terre in the province of La Spezia. The DOC produces light white wines from varieties such as Bosco, Albarola and Vermentino. To the west is the red wine-producing region of Dolceacqua, which produces wine from the indigenous Rossese grape.

Known as the Italian Riviera, this thin, beautiful strip of rugged land with its Mediterranean climate and poor, stony soils is dominated by hills with sheer drops that almost fall straight into the sea. These steep elevations make vine growing a challenge, resulting in scattered vineyards (some can only be reached by boat) with limited production. In some areas the slopes are so steep that the land has to be cultivated by hand.

Although there are dozens of varieties grown in this region, Liguria is generally known for its white wines made from Vermentino which are known locally as Pigato for the spots (pighe) that appear on the mature grapes. The grape produces wine with a fragrant nose reminiscent of the Ligurian landscape's pine-wood and sea-salt aromas, as well as an underlying minerality.

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