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Behind Vintro

Behind Vintro we have Simon and Marius. We have been taking care of Vintro for the last years.

Simon is a French bird that landed in Denmark by pure luck, but fell in love…Originally for a 6 month internship, he then decided to continue to write his story in Scandinavia. For some people this is a surprise because you have plenty of wine in France, a production country. But the move to Denmark (a consumption country) opened his mind in a new ways and his curiosity for wine has only kept growing.

After learning how to make wine in Loire and finishing his Bachelor in Bordeaux, he moved to Denmark, and it has been a great experience so far. Simon wrote his Bachelor thesis about orange wine, worked at Vintro for more than a year and decided in September 2019 to move forward and to be a part owner of VINTRO.

Enjoying the easiest things in life, good food, good friend and good drinks. This thirsty French boy is from a gourmet family, with a butcher brother and chief father. He decided to get some drinks on the family table.

Still struggling with some Danish sentences, but anything can happen... 

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Marius is the other part of VINTRO, from Copenhagen. Educated from Copenhagen Business School but constantly had a growing interest for gastronomy. In the end of his studies the VINTRO project presented itself and it seemed to be a too interesting occasion and opportunity to let pass. The love and passion for the place has only grown since.

He began his VINTRO career as a student helper in 2017 and have felt how VINTRO has been growing and is now in charge of the direction, together with Simon.He has spent several vacations and hours exploring the endless amount of grape Diversity that the wine world can present, VINTRO is therefore the perfect playground.

He spent part of his education in France so, feel free to come and test his rusty French. ;o)