Beaujolais Nouveau! · 16th of November

Dear Beaujolais lovers!

November is coming and some of you might know what that means… 

It's time to celebrate Beaujolais Nouveau! 

This special day is always celebrated on the third Thursday of November and we hope you will join us on the 16th for a festive experience. 

We already start from 12h and we have ordered plenty of bottles filled with the Nouveau called French Kiss from Raphael of Domaine Saint Cyr. We fell in love with this wine a couple of years ago and it is just as good and juicy as it sounds. 

Raphael is also the winemaker behind Galoche and other exciting juicy reds and we wouldn't be surprised if some of you remember them from last year. 

During the entire day you can get a glass for 50 kr, so drop by VINTRO and get yourself a French kiss. Ends at 21h! 

All the best from the VINTRO team.
Simon, Hugo & Marius

Beaujolais Nouveau at VINTRO 2023