La Croix Joly Reserve perpetuelle

La Croix Joly Reserve perpetuelle
La Croix Joly Reserve perpetuelle

La Croix Joly Reserve perpetuelle









Reserve perpetuelle of a single vineyard Pinot Meunier in Valle de la Marne starting in 2013. This cuvée the solera (reserve perpetuelle) method. It is currently a blend of 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017.

Dosage: 0gr/L

Spends 5 years in the bottle

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96 months in the bottle

Total SO2

<50 mg./L


Vallée de la Marne

Vine age

74 years


2.157 btl.

Bottle size

0,75 L

Dehours et Fils

France · Champagne · Vallée de la Marne

Dehours et Fils is located in Mareuil-le-Port Vallée de la Marne (center of Champagne). The family grow their own vines and have for 4 generations. The main grape of the domain is Pinot Meunier and represent 59% of the 42 different plots of vines they own (on 35 hectares). The vines are located on both side of the Marne river, giving an amazing diversity of soil. The family furthermore keeps a reserve of Pinot Meunier since 1998 which they use to balance Cuvées as Grande Réserve and Les Vignes de la Vallée.

A great appreciation to Jêrome (the owner) and his team that makes all magic happen both in the vineyard and the cellar. Some of the wines are aged for more than 8 years in the bottle before being disgorged. A truly amazing job, an artisanal work expressing the terroir and the diversity resulting in 14 different wines each with their own personality.

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