Famille Hebinger · Alsace

Hello fellow wine-lovers,

Thursday the 23rd of March we will try all the newly arrived wines from Famille Hebinger. The winery is located in Alsace more specifically Eguisheim.

We will serve 5 tasting glasses while ensuring you have a lovely time.
We will start with a nice fresh Pet Nat, then move on to 3 Rieslings, two of them form Grand Cru vineyards. In the end we will try an interesting Pinot Noir.

The tasting costs 250,- pr. person. We start around 18h and end before 20h.

If more curious on the winery then take a look here.

If you can come bring your friends, if you cant come then tell your friends 😉

Let us know if you can come on...
+45 48 48 80 11

Hope to see you there!

Best regards
Simon, Hugo & Marius