All Orange wines · 26th of October

Dear wine curious friends, 

Last time was so much fun so we have planned another Wine Night Stand and we have something special for you this time! 


We love autumn and therefore we have decided to celebrate its beautiful colours with an entire night filled with juicy orange wine. 

During the tasting we will serve six different macerated (orange) wines. Each of them is selected because of its own unique personality and together they will show you how big variation this type of wine contains. 

The tasting starts at 18h and will approximately take 1,5 - 2 hours depending on your questions. We always have time for our fellow wine lovers curiosity. 

Price is 300,- pr. person and you can book a ticket on or call us on +45 48 48 80 11.

All the best from the VINTRO team.
Simon, Hugo & Marius