Gin Collection de Bigarades

Distillerie du Petit Grain, Gin Collection de Bigarades

Gin Collection de Bigarades

Bigarade orange is a kind of citrus mainly know as bitter orange, the base for marmalade and parfums but rarely in the kitchen. Here is a selection of three different one : Bigarades de Séville, bigarade « striata », and « bouquetier de Nice ». All in order to get the complexity with respecting the aromatic family. Wild rosemary, pine cones and Cime pepper are added to the original juniper to balance the final spirit.

Producer: Patricia et Laurent Gaspard

Kommune: Saint-Jean de Minervois

Appellation: Languedoc

Country: France

Size: 50 cl

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Distillerie du Petit Grain

Saint Jean de Minervois - Hérault

One of the most precise, delicate, and respected spirit producers in France, Laurent put a very big interest in the quality of the original product before the distillation.
Distillerie du Petit GrainThe Alembic is with direct fire, a soft flame and knowledge to don’t have any caramelization but a smooth evaporation. The distillation in a copper pot with a straight column (traditional) is only happening once in order to keep the most volatile parfums.

The eau-de-vies are distilled to 70% alcohol to get a very pure product, the final product ending at 47% with adding pure water (pure H2O without any mineral to don’t interfere with the taste of the distillation). No filtration or aromatization is done.

For the gin after the different cuts are done, around 60% are selected for the final product.
In general Laurent is ok to talk about the productivity, but it is not the central point, he don’t want to be judge on how much alcohol he get out of the original product, it is a data, but what matter the most is the quality of the main product and the savoir faire.

The objective is not to get alcohol in the final product but pure and fresh parfums, it is why even at 47% alcohol you don’t have any burning sensations but a pure taste.

For the Gin aux agrumes, the special points is what citrus Laurent is using and where they are from. In fact, Christophe Comes is the chef of the Michelin star restaurant La Galinette in Perpignan. The restaurant owns two hectares of gardens with rare citrus going in the different gins but big part in the Gin aux agrumes.

The labels express the color of the different flavors, the tonality of the spirit.

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