Domaine des Fables / Maudit Flacon

France · Savoie

Francois Gilles started everything in 2018, with two project, Domaine des Fables with his own vines, and Maudit Flacon with some négoce grapes. For his own vines, François has 4,1 hectares of vines on a south west exposition and a smooth climate (from the lac, “lac du Bourge” and the Rhône. His vines are next to the vegetation, and small pieces of land, providing a perfect climate for the kind of grapes he want. The winery is certified organic and the treatment on the vines are in respect of the biodynamie. The fermentation is made with low intervention, with native yeast, no filtration, no SO2.

For Maudit flacon, François purchase his grapes in different regions. Minimum organic, the actual ones we have are also on permaculture. All grapes come in small cases the winery (grapes from Auvergne or north Languedoc) and the juice are aged minimum 9 months in old oak.