2017, Les Perrières Magnum

2017, Les Perrières Magnum
2017, Les Perrières Magnum

2017, Les Perrières Magnum




White wine





This wine is fermented spontaneously - no filtering and no fining

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11 month in old oak barrels

Total SO2

<50 mg/L


Mâcon Cruzille

Vine age

+50 years (Oolitic limestone)


Hand harvested

Bottle size

1,5 L

Domaine Guillot-Broux

France · Bourgogne · Macon

The story of Domaine Guillot-Broux started in 1978 with 1 hectare. Jean-Gérard and Jacqueline are the founders of the estate and now their sons, Emmanuelle and Patrice are taking care of it. With time the vineyard gains some hectares (now 17 hectares) on 3 appellations, Bourgogne, Mâcon-Cruzille and Mâcon Chardonnay.

Organic since 1991, the exposition of the vines is mainly eastern in order to get the most sun exposition during the days, and then great grapes maturity. After the conversation with Emmanuelle we understood the high interest of the work in the vines and the philosophy behind it. Good wine is the result of a good vines, not just good work in the cellar. Their grandparents Pierre and Jeannine Guillot created the first organic vineyard of Burgundy in 1954.

An important heritage in the vines and a serious work in the cellar, mixing tradition and respectful philosophy, the wines are all produce with indigenous yeast and the use of sulphites is very limited if not unused. All wines are aged in oak barrels, the selection of the best barrels took almost 7 years. Finding the ones, cooking process, and kind of oak was a very important

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